Kids World Childcare is a licensed, family-owned and operated Childcare in Avondale, providing your children with quality learning and development experiences.

Located in Avondale, our childcare is founded on the philosophy of “Belonging”, where children, parents and teachers alike enjoy interacting with each other in this journey of learning and development. The Avondale child care is “home away from home” for all who walk through its doors.

We acknowledge parents as a child`s first teacher, and recognise that the child`s family/whanau is the bedrock to his or her success. Our Avondale Childcare facility imbibes this belief in our daily experiences. Kids World child care works closely with parents, whanau, caregivers and the community as partners in the children`s early learning.

Our Avondale child care`s early childhood education curriculum offers a holistic approach to learning and development, where children can explore freely, be themselves and learn at their own pace.

At Kids World Childcare, we strongly believe that when children are respected, trusted and feel secure, they develop independence.This is a skill for life. We believe that when children experience freedom to explore in a quality, stimulating environment(as provided by our Avondale childcare), their learning is enhanced. They flourish into young individuals.

We are proud to provide an environment within our Avondale childcare that is truly a home away from home.

Our Philosophy

At Kids World Childcare, our philosophy is based on Belonging. We as a team we feel that this is a basis for future learning and development. If someone feels like they belong they will want to interact with each other, their peers, the teachers and the parents. They will want to participate in the early childhood education programme we offer and the stimulating environment we create. We strive to acknowledge everyone as an individual, starting with the children.

Be a part of an effective and communicative team.

Environment is challenging, stimulating and culturally inclusive.

Lifting the spirits of our tamariki.

Ongoing professional development for all.

Never give up and to keep trying.

Going the extra mile to ensure that we are providing a warm, welcoming and home-like atmosphere.

Interactions are positive and respectful.

Natural learning occurs for all.

Goals and aspirations are valued and are in consultation with parents and whanau.

Reviewed: 23.07.15
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Monday – Friday
7:00 AM – 6:00 PM


Kids World Childcare
2 Sandy Lane
Avondale, Auckland


All children between the ages of 0 and 5 years are welcome at our Avondale child care.
Kids World Childcare offers 20 hours ECE for 3 to 5 year olds with a specialised transition to school programme.