Our early childhood educationcurriculum is woven on the principles of Te Whariki. We encourage children to develop to their full potential through hands-on experiences with the support of teachers who are qualified and experienced in early childhood education.

Our early childhood education programme is developed keeping in mind the broad development parameters of each group. This is then individualised to suit your child`s needs. But, it is always about having fun! At our early childhood centre your child will enjoy the process of gaining knowledge and an understanding of the world around them, enabling them to make good choices in life.

(0 to 2 years)

Physical age group is key development stage for this age group. Our babies` room focuses on supporting this stage along with assisting in emotional, social and language development. We ensure that our babies receive quality care. Our early childhood educators provide a loving, nurturing home away from home environment.

Your child will cross many mile stones at during this stage at our early learning centre. As caregivers and teachers, we capture these special moments and share them with you.

At our early childhood centre, babies are supported through their journey of discovery in a stimulating and challenging environment with the right mix of calm – integral for children of this age.

(2 to around 3 years)

While some may say this this is a tough age group, we at KidsWorld adore this changeling but rewarding age group. Language is a key development mile stone for this age, and our activities have a strong focus to support this.

At this age the children are like little sponges that absorb everything they see, say and do. Our role as educators as this stage is to encourage the children to give things a go, to support them in their choices and guide them to new and exciting experiences.

We acknowledge every child as an individual and this can be seen within our very exciting and empowering program.

(Around 3 to 5 years)

When your child is ready, at around 3 to 3½ years of age, they are moved to the preschool room in our early learning centre. This stage of early childhood education is all about self-help – getting them ready to transition to school.

Preparation for school and formal learning is what our preschool programme (a part of the early childhood education curriculum)is all about. We want our children to be competent and confident learners, healthy in mind body and soul. With this age group we focus a lot on self-help skills, positive attitudes, social skills, and self-esteem. Our early childhood centre strives to provide a challenging and stimulating environment, which benefits the children to succeed.

Kids World Childcare is proud torun a comprehensive transition to school programme as part of our early childhood education curriculum that is designed to support children and their families when starting school.

Transition to School Programme

It is very important that we recognise that transition to school occurs from when a child is first born. For instance an infant first rolls over, then sits up, then crawls, then walks and then runs. There are stages a child must go through first before they can read and write. It is these skills that we focus onat our early learning centre to ensure they get the most out of their learning and are ready for formal training at school.

The components of our Transition to School programme that is an integral part of the early childhood education curriculum at Kids World Childcare are:

  • Individual writing books for 3-5 year-olds are available.
  • Focused learning through play.
  • Foundation skills for learning.
  • Book bags with readers.
  • Portfolios.
  • Termly school visits.
  • Curriculum experiences (Science, Maths, Physical, Literacy, Art, Music).
  • Parent involvement.
  • Focused on learning dispositions.
  • What school am I going to?
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All children between the ages of 0 and 5 years are welcome at our Avondale child care.
Kids World Childcare offers 20 hours ECE for 3 to 5 year olds with a specialised transition to school programme.